24: Day 3 – 1:00am to 1:00pm Review

My review of the first half of Season 3 can be read by clicking HERE.

In case you were wondering, no I haven’t forgotten about 24’s third season, it’s just a combination of new TV series and a plot that unfortunately and rather depressingly hits home at the moment made it hard to get through some of the middle episodes of this batch. Still, there are some moments in these episodes that are all-time classics, so let’s take a look!

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24: Day 3 – 1:00pm to 1:00am Review

24’s third season has quite the few changes from the previous one: new regular CTU characters, an entirely new plot taking place three years later (for the resolution to the Season 2 story see: 24 – The Game) and eventually it’s the first season to begin to trim down 24’s large cast. Before we get to the latter though we have our first core plot taking place neatly across 12 hours and while I could do without a story about a deadly virus potentially spreading across a populace I won’t hold that against it given it aired nearly two decades ago and all… Let’s take a look then!

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24: The Game (PS2) Review

As I mentioned at the end of the 24 Season 2 Review, this game carries on and in fact finishes a lot of the open plot threads left at the end of that season, something Season 3 never did, so I thought I’d play through it again as I slowly make my way through the TV show, despite not really liking it back when it came out… Glutton for punishment? Maybe! … Well, actually, definitely. Let’s take a look!

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24: Day 2 – 11:00pm to 8:00am Review

(My review of the first half of Day 2 can be found by clicking HERE)

How do you follow up a nuclear bomb exploding in the outskirts of LA? Well you don’t try and top it, instead you go to the other side of the thriller spectrum: espionage and suspense. While Day 2’s second half (well not quite half, but you know what I mean) has a lot of the same faults it does at least bring the season to a satisfying conclusion… only to leave a cliffhanger that ends up getting resolved in a subpar PS2 game. Yay! Let’s take a look…

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24: Day 1 – 1:00pm to 12:00am Review

(My review of the first half of Day One can be found by clicking HERE)

After a stressful twelve hours it’s safe to say Jack Bauer and his family retire to their home, have a nice cuppa and go to sleep peacefully… What’s that? The show’s called “24”? Oh, in that case, they’re in for second course of twelve hours full of terrorist plots and kidnappings! Let’s take a look at how Day One ends, shall we?

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24: Day 1 – 12:00am to 1:00pm Review

I’ve been wanting to finally re-watch 24 for many years now but when I put my old DVDs in a few years ago the picture, particularly around the trademark digital clock, was terrible and so I decided to wait for the “inevitable Blu-Ray release”… that never came. Then when I finally gave in it vanished off UK streaming sites altogether! Thankfully it’s now available in its up-rez, recreated clock graphics glory on Disney +’s new STAR category here in the UK, so I thought I’d finally have a good watch through from the beginning. Handily each Season is normally split in two halves with a greater threat looming over both, so it made decision on how to cover the series easier too. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the first chunk of episodes, shall we?

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