Blake’s 7 – Audio Series 5 “Restoration – Part 2” Review

Blakes 7 AS5 Restoration Part 2

After the sad passing of Paul Darrow, the full-cast Blake’s 7 audios got put on hold while they re-wrote the scripts and such. Seemingly though, that must have been mostly for Part 3 as this boxset was full to the prim of wonderfully snide and sarcastic Avon! Hooray! All four stories were really good, and one was straight up great, so let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

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Blake’s 7 – Audio Series 5 “Restoration – Part 1” Review

blakes 7 ad s5 p1

It’s been a little while, but we’re back with more Blake’s 7 from Big Finish. Following on from the three-box series “Crossfire”, the first box of “Restoration” not only settles the cliffhanger from the end of the previous set, but also puts us on an interesting course going forward, as any good follow up should do, while not forgetting plot points already set in motion… So let’s take a closer look at these four episodes, and kick off “Audio Series 5”!

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Blake’s 7 – Audio Series 4 “Crossfire – Part 3” Review

B7 Crossfire P3

Blake’s 7 Audio Drama Series 4 comes to a close with “Crossfire – Part 3”, another set of four stories, now in the middle of the galactic civil war between Servalan and the Former President. The Liberator crew can find only way solution to ending the war, and nobody is thrilled with it… but was I thrilled in hearing it?! Pretty much! Let’s take a closer look…

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Blake’s 7 – Audio Series 4 “Crossfire – Part 2” Review

B7 CF P2

The fourth series of Full Cast Blake’s 7 audios continue, this time with a full set of good to great stories, thankfully. The series concept of a civil war between the current and former Presidents of the Federation has created some fun directions to take the crew, and I’m now eager to see how it ends! Let’s take a look at the four stories comprising “Crossfire – Part 2”

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Blake’s 7 – 40th Anniversary Audio Special: The Way Ahead Review

B7 The Way Ahead

It’s Blake’s 7’s 40th Anniversary (or at least it was, yesterday) and to celebrate Big Finish released a special two-hour audio drama with as many of the surviving cast as they could get their hands on, and damn fun it is too! A fun though possibly fan-divisive framing story sets the tone for two stories featuring a new character called Avalon, set during the early days and in Series 3 respectively. So let’s take a look at “The Way Ahead”!

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Blake’s 7 – Audio Series 4 “Crossfire – Part 1” Review

B7 Crossfire P1

Blake’s 7 Full Cast audio reaches Series 4, and this time the series isn’t consisting of a single boxset, instead it’s spread over three, four-story boxes! Once again we’re set in the third TV series (due to Blake being off limits due to death and the rights to TV Series 4 being complicated, this is likely to continue…) and we see the beginning of a civil war, with the crew of the Liberator in the middle of it! How do these four stories fare? Well…

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Blake’s 7 – Audio Series 3 “The Spoils of War” Review

B7 AS3

Blake’s 7’s (that’s an annoying this to write, visually…) audio series continues, and thanks to getting into the series less than a year ago, I haven’t had to wait! Hooray! “Series 3” is actually just a single boxset of four stories, where as the next series with be three boxsets! Well… whatever! Let’s take a look at “The Spoils of War”, which contains a recasting of Dayna, with Yasmin Bannerman taking over the role… which is good news after the awkwardness of Audio Series 2…

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Blake’s 7 Audio Series 2 Episodes 1 – 3 Review

B7 AD S2 P1

With “Series 3” (a.k.a. a single box set called “The Spoils of War”) coming out soon, I finish playing catch up with Big Finish’s Blake’s 7 Full Cast audio dramas by dashing through Series 2, which for the record, is set during the TV series’ 3rd Series… Got it? Good. The plot revolves around Dayna being missing due to Josette Simon not wanting to return to playing the character. Oh, also, Del Grant from the 2nd Series TV episode “Countdown” is currently part of the crew, which is something that happened in the audio book range “The Liberator Chronicles” that I haven’t listened to, so I was rather baffled during the first episode… Anyway! Let’s have a look at the first half!

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