Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review

Speaking of things just released on 4K blu-ray (as I was a week ago… that paragraph starter doesn’t really work here in that case… oh well) we have Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the CG follow up film to the mega-popular RPG. At the time of its release I was blown away by the animation and CG effects and I guess I convinced myself to buy the 4K version because I was desperate to reclaim that feeling but I have to say it doesn’t matter how uncompressed it is CG animation from 2005 just doesn’t impress any more in 2021… Still, what’s the actual story and experience like? Let’s take a look!

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake (PS4) Review

Final Fantasy VII Remake

It’s funny how I’ve only been running this blog for five years, and for a good chunk of those years I wasn’t even covering games, and yet here we are once again covering a PS4 remake of a PS1 game I’ve already covered on the site! Admittedly, this is less a complete remake and more of a partial remake… that’s also a sequel? Sort of? Well, either way it really fun to play, and that’s the main thing! Let’s take a closer look!

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Final Fantasy VII (PS1) Review

Final Fantasy VII

I have a confession to make: I’m David Hogan and I don’t like turn-based RPGs. It’s not that I look down on those who do or anything stupid, but it’s just not my thing, I find it tedious, especially the older ones where you have to grind and level up and face endless random encounters. So why (beyond this being the Smash Ultimate marathon) am I reviewing Final Fantasy VII? Well, I played through it from start to finish in 1997. Why? Well… mostly peer pressure (EVERYONE at school was playing it…) but the story, setting and soundtrack had me completely hooked. How does it hold up today? Well, it’s funny you asked…

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