The King of Fighters XV (PS4) Review

Sometimes I don’t bother reviewing new fighting games for fear of people thinking I’m some sort of expert instead of the casual player I’ve been for the past… few decades, but given King of Fighters as a franchise has appeared so frequently on this blog (and in many different forms!) I thought throwing up a review of the latest entry wouldn’t go amiss… so let’s get to it!

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The King of Fighters: A New Beginning – Volume 4 Review

The King of Fighters XIV manga adaptation continues to show the same pattern of “two chapters of fighting, interlude, two chapters of fighting” that the previous volumes have, but also continues to heavily feature the NESTS organisation, which gives it many bonus points in my eyes. Let’s see how it continues on, shall we! Erm… BURN TO FIGHT! I guess? (that’s the pre-fight phrase, for some reason…)

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The King of Fighters: A New Beginning – Volume 2 Review

I reviewed the first volume of this Manga for Anime UK News (viewable HERE!) but then time passed and volumes released and that was that… until I brought Volume 2 on a whim, remembering how much I enjoyed the first one. Now too late to put a review up there (as Volume 3 has been out for a while…) I thought I’d continue the coverage here. Is a manga focused on a fighting game full of great, intricate storylines and characters? No… Is it full of stunning artwork and call backs to the game? Why yes, yes it is!

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The King of Fighters – A New Beginning Volume 1 Anime UK News Review

KOF New Beginning Vol. 1

That headline’s a mouthful! Anyway, I really enjoyed this manga, admittedly I’m a big fan of the game series, so that should be a big surprise. My thoughts can be read HERE.

It’s funny how I’ve reviewed a CG net series, a crossover game and now a manga, but I’ve yet to actually review a KOF game… Well,  that’ll change when I get round to the KOF movie in the Game to Film marathon, I guess!

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2) Review


While I was looking across the review sections of this blog that have “Coming Soon!” in them, I was surprised to see I haven’t reviewed a PS2 title yet. I guess that comes from most of the big PS2 games I own being parts of series I want to cover from the first entry onwards… ANYWAY, I thought I’d stick a review of probably my favourite fighting game of all time up and fix that black space with ease. Capcom vs. SNK 2 is frankly brilliant, its mechanics, looks, menu presentation, roster, modes… just everything. Perfection. Let’s take a look!

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