The King of Fighters XV (PS4) Review

Sometimes I don’t bother reviewing new fighting games for fear of people thinking I’m some sort of expert instead of the casual player I’ve been for the past… few decades, but given King of Fighters as a franchise has appeared so frequently on this blog (and in many different forms!) I thought throwing up a review of the latest entry wouldn’t go amiss… so let’s get to it!

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The King of the Fighters: A New Beginning – Volume 6 Review

What is it with written / drawn adaptations of fighting game franchises and finishing in a rush? Yes, here we are with King of Fighters: A New Beginning, which after five volumes of showcasing each team (for better or worse) we suddenly reach the end and the teams that haven’t had any spotlight yet are suddenly thrown in for a quick cameo as the story wraps up just as quickly. Annoying? Yes! Still, what’s it like overall? Let’s find out…

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The King of Fighters: A New Beginning – Volume 5 Review

“A New Beginning” once again leans heavily of prior King of Fighters lore as the NESTS arc from KOF 99-01 is pretty much given a sequel here and all connections to KOF XIV is nearly dropped, if it weren’t for Team South America’s presence. Is this a bad thing? Not for me, it was the NESTS arc that drew me into the series proper, but for a manga titled “A New Beginning”? Probably, yeah… Let’s take a look anyway!

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The King of Fighters: A New Beginning – Volume 3 Review

I told you I’d get round to Volume 3 quickly! Admittedly I also read it quickly given again it’s only five chapters and very little in the way of dialogue. Does that make it a bad thing? No, but again only if you’re a fan of the KOF franchise, perhaps even more in this volume as it makes mention of the NESTS organisation from KOF 99-01. Interested? Then read on!

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The King of Fighters Review

The King of Fighters

Okay… so you know when I talked last time about Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li messed about with the source material a bit too much? Well… THAT, but to a far, far greater degree is how you can describe this. Why did I even bother reviewing KOF ’94, in hindsight? Oh well, I’ll say this much: at least the actual fighting was, for the most part, well done, which is something it has over the previous effort. Let’s take a closer look then…

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The King of Fighters ’94 (Neo Geo) Review

King of Fighters 94

My first Neo Geo review! … of very few, to be fair, not having owned one. Still, it was easier to get a collection of NEO-GEO games on the PS2 / Wii than it was SNK Arcade game collections. To be fair though, I wanted to start at the start and eventually cover the whole KOF franchise down the road, but I could’ve sworn I played this on the PS1. Looking into it, it must have been KOF 95 I played on that console… Oh well! I got them all in the various PS2 collections of the franchise, so let’s just crack on, after covering a CG anime series, a crossover fighter and a manga (not to mention a live action film alongside this!), it’s about time I actually covered one of the games!

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