Persona 5 Strikers (PS4) Review

Having loved Persona 5, mostly for the story and characters, I was all-over a Warriors spin-off. Imagine my surprise then when this is far less a Warriors spin-off and more a full blown sequel with more action-based RPG elements rather than turn-based and a lack of some of the slice of life aspects being pretty much the only differences. Now they are big differences, obviously, but it’s still far closer to Persona 5 than it is Dynasty Warriors. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

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Persona 5 – The Animation: Dark Sun & Stars and Ours Review

P5 TA Dark Sun and Stars and Ours

We reach the end of the Persona 5 Animation (quickly due to most of this being written at the time and saved for later!) with the two TV Specials: “Dark Sun” (written as “Dark Sun…”) and “Stars and Ours”. They both cover one of the two final story arcs each and once again do a good job of adapting the actual core story and fighting aspects, at the cost of nearly all of the social side of the game. Let’s have a closer look at how it all ends, then, shall we?

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Persona 5 – The Animation Episodes 14 – 26 Review

P5 TA P2

The second half of Persona 5: The Animation gets to … near the end of the storyline, but the actual end of the anime adaptation comes in the form of two TV specials I’ll be covering next week. So, how does this chunk of the story pan out? Well, once again, very well! It sticks to the game’s script well, while obviously cutting out a lot of the slice of life stuff, and creates a fun little series, especially if you’re a fan of the game. So let’s take a closer look…

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Persona 5 – The Animation Episodes 1 – 13 Review

P5 TA P1

The next part of catching up on streaming shows is Persona 5, which is at least relevant as I’ve covered the animated version of Personas 3 and 4 on this blog already. Persona 5 is a game I actually went through from start to finish, so seeing the animated version was fun in a different way to P4, especially the use of the game’s fantastic soundtrack. So let’s take a look at the series’ first half… or third, if you count the two TV specials, I guess!

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Persona 4 – The Animation Episodes 13 – 20 Review

P4 P2

Persona 4 – The Animation continues onward, and with the lead case and centrepiece of the story seemingly dealt with, everyone begins to refocus on being goofy teens again. Three of these eight episodes deal with something a bit serious, but in general this batch of episodes is all about goofy school hijinks and having a bit of a laugh. Does this makes-sense-given-the-game switch to school life comedy work in the anime series? Read on!

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Persona 4 – The Animation Episodes 1 – 12 Review

Persona 4 P1

Continuing on from my watch of the Persona 3 movies, it’s time to watch the Persona 4 anime series. As I mentioned at the start of the P3 reviews I have experience with 3 and 5, but never did see any of 4 (beyond brief clips and an interest in the P4: Arena games, which sadly spoiled one of the lead antagonists of this series…) so this is my first time experiencing the story in any format. Now I’m sure that’s a shame as the game is undoubtedly more detailed and all that, but there you go, I don’t have 100+ hours to sink into a JRPG, sadly. ANYWAY, so, yeah: Persona 4 – The Animation’s first twelve episodes then…

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Persona 3 – 3: Falling Down and 4: Winter of Rebirth Review

P3 P2

The Persona 3 adaptation comes to a close (rather quickly, but hey-ho, that’s what you get for reviewing them two at a time I guess!) as new friends and enemies appear, sometimes both at once! Read on to find out more! (unless you don’t want to get it spoiled, in which case scroll down until you see the Overall Thoughts section for a sum up and a rating!)

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Persona 3 – 1: Spring of Birth and 2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream Review

P3 1 and 2

The Persona series of games aren’t something that really interested me, at least gameplay-wise. I didn’t want to sink many… many hours into a school life sim / traditional turn-based RPG, so I always just kept an eye on it. I saw my friend play through about a third of Persona 3, and then through all of 5, and that’s when I decided to buy Anime Limited’s releases of the Persona 3 films (as well as the Blu-ray release of Persona 4: The Animation, I’ll get to that later though!) Starting with the first two films then, let’s have a look at how such a long and twisty game can be made into a visually stunning anime film series!

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