Resident Evil 2 (PS1) Review


After yesterday’s look at the first CG film that starred Leon and Claire, it’s time to pop back over to the games that started it all and look at Resident Evil 2, the game that gave us the same duo in the first place. While it still suffers from a lot of the same problems that playing the first game in 2017 did, it does have some additions and little tweaks to talk about… so let’s get to it!

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Resident Evil: Degeneration Review

Resi Degen

Resident Evil Week continues after yesterday’s look at the first game in the series. Resident Evil Degeneration is the first in what is now a trilogy of CG films set within the computer game universe of Resident Evil, and it’s a wonky affair to watch in 2017. The CG and character movement have now dated to the point where it feels like it could have been pulled off on the previous generation console hardware… Is there anything redeeming in watching this now? Well…

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Resident Evil (PS1) Review


Kicking off Resident Evil week across my two blogs, we have, rather fittingly, the game that started it all in the first place. Slow tank controls, blurry / pixelated graphics and so-bad-it’s-funny voice acting, it’s safe to say this hasn’t aged well… especially when a superior remake exists! Oh well, let’s take a good look anyway…

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