Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 6 Review

Sapphire and Steel A6

Sapphire and Steel reaches its conclusion, which feels far too soon but then I guess I’m comparing it to other longer running British sci-fi shows like Blake’s 7 and, well, Doctor Who, not that there are many shows that can match that episode count! Anyway, this episode has all the creepy atmosphere and question asking that comes with good examples of the series, but it also gives us a lot more of a glimpse into the world where the duo come from, which is certainly rare (and makes it feel more like the end, if nothing else) Let’s take a closer look…

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Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 5 Review

Sapphire and Steel A5

Sapphire and Steel’s fifth “Assignment” is … odd. It’s more quaint 30s murder mystery than it is anything resembling the show as its been presented in the past four stories. That being said, it did have some nice sci-fi twists in it, but in the end it was just annoying, with stereotypical posh dinner guests and all that bollocks taking up more screen time. It’s just not my thing, and for that I wasn’t a massive fan. Let’s take a look in more detail…

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Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 4 Review

Sapphire and Steel A4

Sapphire and Steel’s fourth “Assignment” is a great example of how sometimes a shorter runtime can really help. This is only four episodes, rather than the previous stories being either six or eight, and it rolls along at a great pace. Still retains the spooky atmosphere and keeps you guessing, but doesn’t hang about too much. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?! …. Yes. Yes we shall.

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Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 3 Review

Sapphire and Steel A3

Sapphire and Steel continues into the third “assignment” and a new look… for Sapphire at least. This story is… odd. It introduces a new “element” character in Silver and he works well with the main duo, but there is also scenes of a women choking a swan, man-babies who can send you forward or backwards in time by a touch, and some sort of… blob… thing. It was good viewing though! Let’s take a closer look…

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Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 1 Review

Sapphire and Steel A1

The next classic bit of sci-fi I’m tackling (because putting distance between me and Galactica 1980 is always a good thing…) takes us back to my home shores with Sapphire and Steel. I’ve heard good things about the show, though mostly about other stories than this first one… which is good because this first story is a mixed bag, and may not have motivated me to continue with the show otherwise (if I weren’t set on covering the whole show for the blog, obviously…) Let’s take a look at “Assignment 1” shall we?

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