Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

The latest cinematic entry in the MCU (only just as of this post, mind you…) sees Spider-Man deal with the after-effects of his identity being revealed at the end of the previous film as well as continuity baggage from the two previous Spider-Man film universes! Plus lots of Doctor Strange and much more besides; does it manage to actually pull off a film worth watching in amongst all this noise? The answer may surprise you…

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review

I’ve been so close to buying “Into the Spider-Verse” many times, knowing of its reputation and frankly wanting to see it before it even got its rep. Why have I waited so long? No idea, really (might have something to do with a really long game movie marathon…) but now it’s popped onto the UK Netflix I was finally able to give it a watch. Does my opinion differ from the majority, keeping in mind I tend to like comic/manga adaptations more than most critics who still praised this film anyway? Funnily enough… No. Let’s take a look anyway!

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Venom Review

A pretty random review here, but I literally had nothing to do for two hours at the end of Sunday and so stuck this film on after seeing it on Netflix and going “Oh yeah, I always wanted to see what that was like”. So, what was it like? Erm… It was okay. I was originally turned off at the idea of Venom without Spider-Man, it seemed like it just wouldn’t work, but I’ll at least give them credit in finding a work-around that was good enough. What about the rest of the film? Read on!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Spiderman Far From Home

This one has been a long time coming! I watched this film a month or two back (whenever it was released on that good old fashioned physical media) but beyond a few notes I took to make sure I mention in a review, I haven’t found time to actually review it… until now! The first film in the MCU post-Endgame serves as a good little story, though quite uneven in places I found… Read on for more details!

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Spider-Man (PS4) Review


Spider-Man is a lot of people’s dream game, allowing you to properly feel like your playing as the titular hero, swinging across New York, helping innocent people with small crimes while trying to tackle bigger plots from crazy villains… I have to say though, whether you a fan of the hero or not, this game is extremely enjoyable, taken to excellent when you factor in a really well written and acted storyline. So whether this a dream come true or you’re looking for a fun open world game to play, let me tell you why you should pick up Spider-Man…

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