The Flash – Season 3 Episodes 19 – 23 Review

Flash S3 F

The Flash closes out its third season with an entertaining five episodes, though its sudden cliffhanger left a lot to be desired. Still, I won’t let that dampen the overall fun of the season’s final episodes…


As Iris’s death day draws ever closer, Barry / The Flash decides to ask someone for help… himself from the future! Eventually the truth about Savitar is revealed, but does it help save Iris…?

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Flash S3 F 2

“Don’t tell me about dying in the future!”

Barry Allen / The Flash (Grant Gustin) – The Flash is starting to lose it due to the ever approaching date of his fiancée’s death. Despite being warned about the danger of time travel, he soon resorts to time travel in order to try and help Iris…

Iris West (Candice Patton) – Iris is trying to stay calm and collected about her upcoming death, but is unsurprisingly upset about it…

Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) – Cisco is balancing seeing his good friend Caitlin turn into a criminal and trying to help everyone save Iris… he’s not doing too well…

Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) – Killer Frost has taken over Caitlin’s body, but maybe not her mind entirely…

Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) – Unsurprisingly concerned about his daughters seemingly inevitable death…

Wally West / Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) – Wants to help take down Savitar and save his sister, but everyone seems to have forgotten about him. He can still help though!

Julian Desmond (Tom Felton) – Formally manipulated by Savitar, Julian is responsible for saving Caitlin’s life… and turning her into Killer Frost. Now there’s a mixed bag result!

H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) – Extremely friendly version of Harrison Wells from Earth-19. He’s not very bright, but nice, so everyone keeps him around.

Savitar (??? / Grant Gustin) – As it turns out, an evil version of Barry Allen from a future fight with Savitar in which Flash creates time remnants of himself (You following?). He wants to become a God, because… hooray for evil villainy!

and more!

The Good:

Flash S3 F 3

“What are you looking at? I’m Killer Frost!”  “Have you actually killed anyone yet?”  “No… but still… cold-related puns!”

As much as I didn’t like the switch to another evil speedster, Savitar is at least fun in a cheesy villain way, and the twist that he is an abandoned time remnant version of Barry was good (if a little predictable towards the end). The way in which Iris was saved in the end was good, but a little cheap. I’ll give them credit in that they had H.R. show everybody the tech that disguises one person as another early in the series, so it wasn’t completely out of nowhere, and his actual death was a sad event, so I’ll let it slide. He was the only really nice and happy one left on the team, so hopefully Cisco can get out of his current mopey persona and become fun again…

Savitar’s actual death was good as well, not just Flash taking over the armour and destroying it, but Iris being the one to deliver the kill to the person who was going to kill her for two thirds of the season. Also the scene with Flash, Kid Flash and the returning Jay Garrick was a pretty cool moment, even if the latter two vanish without explanation for the final showdown.

Flash S3 F 1

“I knew I should have just ran to the future and stabbed Savitar in the back…”

Jumping back a bit, Episode 19 was good, the old horrible dystopian future, with current Barry meeting future, floppy haired Barry who’s all depressed. It gets good when present day Barry manages to reunite the future version of the team… though irrelevant given that future no longer exists, but hey ho.

Episode 20 was okay, seeing everyone try and recruit Dr. Tracy who builds the machine that future Barry used to trap Savitar, but is let down by Joe not telling his girlfriend about Barry and Wally’s identities, which then leads to her finding out the hard way, which we’ve seen 100 times across the Arrow-verse shows…

Episode 21, “Cause and Effect”, was a nice, light breather that sees Barry get his memories wiped and act like a fun-loving guy again, and Episode 22 was great because Captain Cold was back and his interactions with Flash are always fun, even better when they’re on a big heist together… and fighting King Shark!

The Bad:

Flash S3 F 4

This shot doesn’t really have to do with anything, it just looked neat.

Time travel is usually confusing anyway, but during Episode 21, when Barry loses his memories, Savitar also loses his, but that makes no sense as we see by the end of the episode Barry gets them back, and Savitar is a copy of the future Barry, so he should remember that at this time he lost his memory then got it back, and continue being normal. That’s not even including the whole “don’t mess with the past” thing that the Legends of Tomorrow crew are constantly ignoring…

The Black Flash has been built up as a legit threat, especially in Legends of Tomorrow, so to see it pop up in the finale and get frozen by Killer Frost like it was nothing at all was … disappointing. I mean, I’m glad we don’t have yet another evil speedster villain next season, which is what I was assuming Black Flash would end up being, but still… just like that?

The big cliffhanger, where suddenly with minutes left to go in the runtime, lightning starts striking everywhere and they find out that Barry has to be taken by the Speed Force to pay for his meddling in time. He gives a weirdly happy goodbye to everyone (while innocents are being zapped) and then vanishes. Erm… okay, bit out of nowhere, and pointless. We know full well next season isn’t going to be without Barry Allen / The Flash, so why even try to make it seem that way. Just let everyone live happily for a few months then have Season 4 open on some big event. It was just a needless cliffhanger.

Overall Thoughts:

A strong set of episodes that ties up the arc nicely, though then ends on a pointless cliffhanger out of nowhere. Still, ticks the drama, action and time travel bollocks boxes that I like from Flash, so that’s good enough for me!

3 Star Watch

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