The Flash – Season 3 Overall Review

Flash S3

The Flash’s third season was the weakest so far, but that doesn’t mean it was bad, just not as good (it was no Arrow Season 3, that’s for sure!) Flashpoint, Savitar, Kid Flash, Gorilla Grodd invasion, alien invasion, a musical episode and a disappointing season cliffhanger, this season had it all!


Barry has created an alternate timeline called Flashpoint, but all does no go well, and he soon reverts the timeline to how it was… or so he thinks. His little mistake has ended up costing a lot of his allies more than they know, and that’s just the beginning of his troubles…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Flash S3 1

“Welcome, to the worrrld of tomorrooow!”

Barry Allen / The Flash (Grant Gustin) – Barry spends most of this season feeling guilty and worrying about Iris, so doesn’t have much time for the more fun aspects of his character, but is still a good watch!

Iris West (Candice Patton) – Supportive of her future husband, but spends a lot of the season worrying about her up-coming murder, which is understandable…

Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) – The series’ trademark nerdy computer guy, but with Vibe powers that can knock people back, open portals to other worlds or give him a glimpse into the future… handy! Sadly he loses his sense of humour for most of this season, so… boooo.

Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) – Caitlin is beginning to gain her Killer Frost powers, and lose her mind to the evil persona. Despite her best efforts, she seems destined to become white-haired and a bit more cold hearted (ha… cold… I get it.)

Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) – Joe is finally moving on with his life, now he has a son he didn’t know about to go along with his daughter, and he even starts seeing someone. Sadly his adopted son had to see a glimpse into the future when his daughter is killed and put a black cloud over everything… selfish git!

Wally West / Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) – Gains his speedster powers and becomes Kid Flash, though he rarely gets to do anything… still, he’s only learning!

Julian Desmond / Doctor Alchemy (Tom Felton) – Although a bit of an arsehole and for the first third of the season, an evil mastermind (who is being mind controlled, to be fair), Julian eventually settles in to become part of “team Flash”.

H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) – The Earth-19 version of Harrison Wells, who is devoid of scientific knowledge, but is such a nice guy that no-one ended up caring. Due to the shear amount of bad vibes around the show this season, he seems to exist purely to counteract that…

Savitar (??? / Grant Gustin) – Evil time remnant version of Barry Allen / The Flash, who comes from the future, but wants to make sure he is still created by spurring on current day Flash to create his time remnant self in the future to take him down by killing Iris, thus completing his infinite loop. Oh he also wants to become a God, but by the laws of time travel must know he doesn’t succeed, or that doing so might stop Barry from creating him in the future… or… argh, forget it.

and many more!

The Good:

Flash S3 3

“Kneel before Grodd!”  “Er… wrong DC villain…”

Although the evil speedster is a cliché they need to drop already, and also despite the fact he looked like he was created for Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, Savitar was at least an entertaining villain in the intimidating voice and evil scheme side of things. The first third of the season was better in my opinion, having Dr. Alchemy lead a group of new metahumans would have been a far more interesting plot, and given his magic-like abilities could have made up for the difference in speed. Ah well, too late now!

H.R. was a breath of fresh air after the entire cast got infected with Arrow-itus and became all self-loathing and downbeat all the time. He was genuinely funny and it was sad to see him go at the end.

The cross-over three-parter (also featuring Supergirl) called “Invasion!” was great fun, though the big cross-over action happens in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Likewise the two-part Gorilla Grodd storyline, featuring both Gorilla City and an invasion of Central City, was great, and once again showed how you don’t need the lead villain to be an evil speedster in order to give Flash trouble.

The last few episodes were really exciting, with the teasing death clock counting down and the big Savitar reveal, leading to a good final showdown. It’s a shame about the overall season cliffhanger, but it was still exciting in the last month or so.

The Bad:

Flash S3 2

Sav-i-tar! The Flash in disguise! Sav-i-tar! More than meets the eye…

Okay, so for the first two seasons, Flash was the show full of humour and with a happy lead superhero, for the most part, while Arrow continued its self-loathing hero with people dying and feeling miserable all the time surrounding him. So my problem is that this season had Barry bugger things up with Flashpoint and so Cisco, the great comic relief character, hated him, and soon after he forgave him he was worried about Caitlin, then throw in the Iris death thing and nearly the entire cast, Barry included, was all dour and unhappy all the time. It’s not like Arrow was cheerful to balance it out! I hope things are a bit more status-quo-ish next season…

I’ve hinted at it previously, but replacing Dr. Alchemy with yet another evil speedster was annoying as hell. We’ve had Barry vs. evil speedster as the core storyline for the first two seasons, we didn’t need a third! Speaking of Speedsters, Kid Flash didn’t do a lot. I know he was inexperienced, but he kept either being away at the time, or taken down easily, or just watching Barry at the lab with everyone else… don’t introduce a second regular speedster and then not do anything. In the finale we see him, Flash and Jay Garrick chasing Savitar, but then he and Jay just vanish when he came time to do the final showdown…

Personal thing: I don’t like musicals, I don’t like what they did here with the musical episode, especially because it looked like the people weren’t singing the songs despite the fact I knew they were…(which is probably normal for this sort of thing, but hey ho). Just not my cup of tea, sorry.

I talked about it in my episode review, but the end cliffhanger was bollocks. More detail can be found there, I can’t be bothered to type out the exact same thing twice.

Overall Thoughts:

Flash S3 4

“This was fun… let’s never do it again.”

A good season overall, with some strong story arcs and a good ending to them, though it does struggle with a shift in tone and a rather flat end scene. Like most things it will probably be less noticeable when you watch the season in short succession, but spread out over seven months meant some of the flaws hurt the show in places, especially compared to the two seasons that preceded it.

3 Star Watch

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