The Flash – Season 4 Episodes 19 – 23 Review

Flash S4 P3

Season 4 of The Flash reaches its big conclusion as The Thinker tries to out-think everyone, as he tends to do, and make the whole world extremely dumb. Does he do it!? Well, no, obviously, but more importantly, is the story on how he was stopped any good?!


With Team Flash still reeling from Ralph’s death at the hands of DeVoe, they must now do what they can top stop his plans, like locking down the nuclear bomb named Neil Borman, who was created in the same manor as the other people that have been targeted by The Thinker…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Flash S4 P3 1

A trio of heroes, ready to do good!

Barry Allen / The Flash (Grant Gustin) – The loss of Ralph has hit Barry hard, but he keeps telling himself he has no time for grief and must push on and stop DeVoe…

Iris West (Candice Patton) – Iris is doing her best to keep the team from falling apart, but with all the recent losses, that proves a challenging task…

Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) – Cisco is balancing trying to out-think The Thinker with trying to restore Harrison Wells’ intelligence, a rather difficult balancing act.

Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) – Caitlin has lost her ice-powered alter-ego Killer Frost, and wants nothing more than to have her back in her life. Well, she would also like to stop DeVoe’s plans, but you know… Priorities!

Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) – Joe is on the verge of being a father again with his new love Cecile, but she would have to be about to give birth right when the Thinker is about to enact his dastardly plan…

Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) – Wells’ became obsessed with outsmarting The Thinker, so much so he played right into his hands and ended up slowly losing his intelligence as a result. Now he waits in dread for the moment he’ll no longer be of use…

Clifford DeVoe / The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) – DeVoe, now back to his original appearance thanks to the rubber abilities of the now absorbed Ralph Dibny, is on the verge of making everyone other than himself a blithering idiot, therefore creating world peace! … with him as the leader, obviously.

Marlize DeVoe (Kim Engelbrecht) – Marlize is beginning to realise that her husband has been lost to The Thinker, and is even contemplating leaving him if things go too far…

and many more!

The Good:

Flash S4 P3 3

I wanted to put a screenshot of the finale here, but I could only find the one picture, which I used as the thumbnail. That’s the problem with writing these so close to their original airdate, I guess…

DeVoe was still a great, and most importantly different, lead antagonist in his big finale, with a scene of him taking out a large number of ARGUS guards to the tune of classical music in Episode 22 being a particular highlight. The fact that as he got more intelligent he lost his humanity (and his wife!) was a logical direction to take, as was Marlize ending up helping Team Flash take out her husband in the finale. Speaking of the finale, although it wasn’t the most exciting the show has ever pulled off, it was at least unique, with Barry entering DeVoe’s mind to try and bring out the good in him, but ending up bringing Ralph Dibny back and in control of his body again. The final fight was a bit too Matrix Reloaded, Neo vs. Smith copies-esque for me, but it was fine. I knew full well they developed Ralph too much for him to stay dead, so his coming back to life wasn’t a surprise for me…

The big cliffhanger this season was that the girl who had appeared on and off in the background throughout the season turned out to be Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future, who had “made a big mistake”. Makes a nice change to have an end-of-season cliffhanger not be Barry’s life in danger, or at least not blatantly in danger, anyway.

Episode 20 was a good double bill of fleshing out Clifford and Marlize’s backstory and ending the Cisco / Gypsy cross-Earth relationship in a satisfactory manor. Joe and Cecile, with their accidental mind-reading shenanigans, were a constant fun highlight through out the last few episodes, and tied in nicely with the finale, giving both the means of getting Barry into DeVoe’s mind and giving us the viewer the happy ending of the child being born without incident.

Although I thought the main episode focusing on the story was weak, the reveal that Caitlin had Killer Frost as a part of her when she was a child, long before the particle accelerator explosion, was an interesting and unexpected twist. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next season.

The Bad:

Flash S4 P3 2

Oh good, I’m glad we get another episode with evil Mary Poppins!

I didn’t enjoy Episode 21 “Harry and the Harrisons” much at all. It had more Harrison Wells’ calling upon alternate reality versions of himself gags, which were sort of funny to start with, but have just reached the point of getting old. Then it also had Barry and co. seeking out Amunet’s help with the DeVoe problem, though really Caitlin was hoping she’d have the ability to bring back her Killer Frost persona. Now, ignoring the terrible British accent again, in the end all she does it build a bomb that Barry can toss towards one of DeVoe’s Satellites… erm, I pretty sure Cisco could have done that, or… the army. It’s made even worse when Barry destroys a super-heavy satellite with a vibrating punch in the finale, which makes you wonder why he didn’t just do that. The super heavy one “would have killed him” if he’d done it by himself, but a regular one, presumably, wouldn’t have. Either way Amunet’s attempted accent is enough to put me off the episode, let alone everything else.

Episode 19 “Fury Rogue” was okay, it had some good moments, but the addition of Leo Snart from Earth-X was a bit forced, like they just wanted to use him again rather than there being no one else around to tell Barry how its good to grieve and move on. Not to mention another evil Laurel Lance, this time from Earth-X! Couldn’t you do an evil version of someone else, I’ve had enough of evil Laurel from Arrow…

Harrison Wells getting his mind back but not all his intelligence, then very quickly buggering off back to his Earth at the end of the finale was a bit… well, sudden. Not terrible, but you’d think they’d at least go to the portal and send him off with a wave or something…

Overall Thoughts:

Flash S4 P3 4

It’s like an Arrow cross-over, only not really!

The Season 4 finale of The Flash is a good bit of entertainment, though not as “epic” as some others. Most characters had a subplot going for them for the last few episodes that were either settled or left in the air for Season 5, and the next season’s big plot is less “well Barry will clearly get out of that one” and more “interesting!”. Overall, more good than bad then!

4 Star Watch

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