Supergirl – Season 3 Episodes 19 – 23 Review

Supergirl S3 P3

Supergirl’s third seasons comes to a disappointing end, with a particularly bad finale. It’s a real shame because the first third really showed promise for an interesting season ahead, but sadly it kept the theme of melodrama and angst and focused less and less about the super powers and… well, superheroics, until we got to this… *sigh* Let’s take a look, then…


Time is running out for Supergirl and her team as their friend Sam is slowly giving in to the overwhelming power of Reign. The only way to save her will be to find a substance potentially deadly to Kara, and in a place she’ll never expect…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Supergirl S3 P3 1

“Oh no, the city is being destroyed again!”

Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) – Kara is worried that her friendship with Lena is on thin ice when the latter reveals how she hates Supergirl, but with her other friend Sam’s life on the line, she has to put that to the back of her head and focus on saving her life before her other friend’s trust…

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) – Alex is also dead set on saving Sam, after having really forged a bond with her daughter Ruby in the meantime.

James Olsen / The Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) – James is the head of Cat co., Lena Luthor’s boyfriend and a vigilante (sometimes…), and yet does very little. Still, maybe now he can actually get an interesting story! …. ?

J’onn J’onzz / Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) – J’onn has reconnected with his father, just in time for him to watch his father’s mental health diminish. Lovely. He’s also the head of the DEO, by the by… and a Martian, but I assume you figured that bit out by now.

Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) – Winn is your classic nerdy character, in for the comic relief and to invent something out of nowhere that can help our heroes at the most convenient time…

Mon-El (Chris Wood) – Mon-El is a Daxamite who has gone back and forth through time, and in and out of love with Kara. Can he get his life straight? Will he have to go back to the future? … *hums Back to the Future theme* … Sorry.

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) – Lena has had a hard time coming out of her brother and mother’s evil shadows, but she is still committed to being good, including using her technology to save her friend Sam.

Samantha Arias / Reign (Odette Annable) – Sam is being taken over by the villainous Kryptonian known as Reign, and she can’t hold her back much longer. It’s going to be a race against time to see if she can retain her humanity…

Alura Zor-El (Erica Durance) – Alura is Kara’s mother, who surely died when Krypton exploded, right?

M’yrnn J’onzz (Carl Lumbly) – J’onn’s father who spend countless years in a White Martian prison, assuming he was the last survivor of his race… Turns out his son was still alive! Also he now has the Martian equivalent of dementia, so… bugger.

and more!

The Good:

Supergirl S3 P3 2

Hey, here’s a crazy idea: how about a whole series set on Krypton? I know, right, it’ll never happen…

There were some bright spots in this final set of five episodes. James Olson actually does something for one! He returns to being The Guardian and then has his identity found out by some unpleasant cult-y folk, who then threaten to expose it. James is worried that due to being Black the people, and especially the police, will just see a criminal hiding under a mask rather than a hero, but it’s all moot as everyone is stopped in time. Olson actually begins to think that maybe it would be better to be “outed” and give hope to Black people like himself, and sure enough he officially unmasks in a background shot during the finale. Should be interesting to see what that does next season, I guess… It’s something anyway!

So Kara and Mon-El go to an asteroid to find some Black Krytonite that can save Sam and kill off Reign, and it turns out that asteroid is the Kryptonian city of Argo, still floating in space and protected by a bubble-like shield, and more interesting than that, Kara’s mother Alura is still alive! I’d argue how “convenient” it is, but I kind of love how comic book-y it is, so I’ll leave it. Episodes 20 and 21 take place largely on Argo, and sees Supergirl struggle with leading a normal life and miss being a hero who inspires hope, which is at least a nice bit of character development for her, as all season she’s been going on about not being able to live a normal life… Grass isn’t always greener and all that.

Oh, and despite ignoring him throughout the whole season, there is a brief mention of Superman being in Madagascar during the events of the finale. That’s all I’ve wanted, a single sentence explanation as to why he wasn’t bothered about Kryptonian worldkillers nearly killing his beloved cousin, and while we never got that, we at least found out why he wasn’t with them at the big showdown. That’s something.

The Bad:

Supergirl S3 P3 4

Reign remembers their last big fight, and is shocked to realise how much easier and less dramatic this one was.

Well… where to start? I guess I’ll start with the final two episodes, which feel like they were written in a hurry. Reign was separated from Sam, but is brought back by a trio of priestesses from Argo who quickly travelled to Earth, and then she proceeds to travel into the Earth’s core to terraform the planet into a new Krypton. Hmmm… Okay, well, fine. J’onn’s father, who has been struggling with Martian dementia just says he’ll save Earth and soon just… vanishes into red energy and the Earth is healed from Reign’s attack… erm… Okay, well, that wasn’t the emotional pay-off of a story dealing with dementia I was expecting, but I wasn’t enjoying that story anyway, so I guess that works out. Supergirl, Mon-El, Alura and J’onn confront the Priestesses and defeat them, then Reign and Supergirl have a fight that sees Sam arrive and stab her former self and then Reign is thrown into the lava she was just seen swimming through earlier and beings to burn to death (?) and during her death throes she eye-lasers Sam, Mon-El and Alura to death! Shocking, but so shocking I didn’t remotely believe it.

This is where this gets even more bollocks. Kara contacts Winn and asks for a time fissure or whatever they’re called, the blue teleporting space anomalies that the Legion from the future use to move through time, and is told that the strain of going into one of them would kill her. Regardless she flies up and into one, doesn’t even slightly wince (I guess Winn got that wrong?) and just floats for a bit and then is in her body from before all the killing started. Huh? That’s not how those things work! Not that we’ve seen anyway, your body gets thrown to whatever point they’re connected to, you don’t stand, wait a bit and the possess your old selves’ body at a time of your convenience. Well, anyway, this time Reign is defeated in a less straight up kill-y way, as she is seemingly devoured by wraiths in the Kryptonian dimension of Juru… Oh wait, that actually sounds worse, but whatever. All her friends are alive now!

We then got an ending full of sudden arse-pulls. Winn travels to the future with Mon-El because Brainic-5 just arrived earlier and said “The future needs you Mon-El, also there is a AI eating virus that means I have to stay in the past, and because you’re clever Winn (even though I’ve spent the series saying how unintelligent you are) you must take my place, irregardless of the fact you’ll know nothing of how future tech works.” Similarly Alex wants to leave the DEO and raise a child, but instead J’onn says how he wants to live among the people and so promotes Alex to DEO head, claiming being off the field will mean she’ll have the time to devote to raising the family, even though… clearly not, but whatever.

Sam is cleared of all Kryptonian DNA and leaves with her daughter, James outs himself as the Guardian off-screen and Kara decides to stay on Earth, and doesn’t seem all that bothered about loosing Mon-El all over again. What a bunch of hastily written bollocks. I mean, did Winn’s actor not tell anyone he wanted to leave until the day of filming? That couldn’t have been shoe-horned in any worse. Oh and we get a cliffhanger than a most-likely evil version of Kara suddenly appears in Russia thanks to the black Kryptonite, so… you know, evil Supergirl, like we got this season in the crossover story. That’ll be original!?

What else happened before the finale nonsense? Well, Episode 21 was another one of those “subtle as a brick to the face” episodes, this time dealing with gun control. J’onn finds out that the DEO’s weapon manufacturer is selling a civilian version of their weapons and someone has killed a cop with it. He eventually decides that the DEO will go only with non-lethal weapons from here on out. Two problems: 1. The DEO deals with vicious aliens from other worlds with super-powers, if you want to use a special type of lethal gun solely to deal with those kinds of threats then I’m all for it. 2. A DEO agent is killed in the very next episode because his non-lethal shield doesn’t defend him against Kryptonian eye-lasers, proving my point right away, and seemingly undercutting the message of the previous episode. Don’t get me wrong, American gun crime and how easy it is to get a hold of guns is a thing I’m very much against, but this was a poor way to presenting that message.

So beyond more J’onn and his father melodrama, and more Mon-El / Kara romance, and a bit of Lena and James stuff, we didn’t get too much angsty drama at least… Though we have plenty of that throughout the season, so, that’s not saying much.

They go through all of that ordeal to save Sam from Reign, only to undo it right away and have Sam do a similar journey into Juru to save herself all over again. I understand this was so Kara can feel it was safe to leave Earth and go to Argo, but jeez, it didn’t feel right. It was like a cop-out, even though I know the reason why it had to be one. Oh and a long, teary goodbye between Supergirl and everyone as she departs for Argo? Come on, we know she isn’t leaving, all that did was make the actual goodbye from Winn a few episodes later feel less significant.

That’s it, really. I had to go into detail about just how poorly written that finale was…

Overall Thoughts:

Supergirl S3 P3 3

Isn’t it weird how every Kryptonian just “knows” how to shoot eye lasers when they get to Earth?

A massively mishandled finale brings this down quite a bit. Thinking about how great the fight between Supergirl and Reign was at the start of this season and comparing it to the nothing we got in the finale is a good example of how this all just went to bollocks. Supergirl Season 3 is worse than Flash Season 3, and I really didn’t like Flash Season 3… Well, I guess I’ll save that thinking for the Overall Review, but still: This finale wasn’t good. There… That’s the sign-off.

2 Star Watch

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