Supergirl – Season 3 Overall Review

Supergirl S3

Arrow Season 3, Flash Season 3, Supergirl Season 3. What do all these seasons have in common? They’re all poor examples of the show, and denote a really big downturn in quality. Yep, Supergirl Season 3 actually makes the exact same mistake as Flash’s third season by dropping the humour and superheroics in favour of angst and family drama, except this time it doesn’t haven’t have some of the good episodes thrown in. Let’s take an overall look then…

Official Synopsis:

Kara deals with the loss of Mon-El by focusing all her energy on being Supergirl and a mysterious new threat against National City. Alex confesses a secret to Maggie about their impending nuptials…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Supergirl S3 1

The Mum, the boyfriend and the daughter… on a floating city in space.

Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) – Despite it being many months since the end of the previous season, Kara is still in depression about loosing Mon-El and possibly sending him to his death. This has pushed her to focus on her job as Supergirl and forget about having a “normal life”.

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) – Alex is in love and looking forward to her marriage to Maggie. Wedding bells, babies and more are surely in their future…?

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) – James is now running Catco. and has seemingly given up his side job as Guardian… that’s about it really.

J’onn J’onzz / Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) – The last Green Martian, J’onn is still the head of the DEO and is looking out for his new adopted homeworld.

Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) – Your classic enthusiastic computer nerd who works for the DEO and is useful if they need a new type of tracker or something.

Mon-El (Chris Wood) – Having to leave Earth at the end of the previous season, Mon-El ended up returning to Earth… just not in the way he wanted…

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) – The sister of Lex Luthor, Lena is still struggling to overcome her family’s stigma and become a legit businesswoman.

Samantha Arias / Reign (Odette Annable) – A single mum who is looking for that big job that will allow her the money to properly raise her daughter. Also, she’s secretly a world ending killing machine from Krypton, but you know… ignorance is bliss, or whatever.

Alura Zor-El (Erica Durance) – Alura is Kara’s mother, who surely died when Krypton exploded, right?

M’yrnn J’onzz (Carl Lumbly) – J’onn’s father who spend countless years in a White Martian prison, assuming he was the last survivor of his race…

Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) – The very definition of “corporate bastard”, Edge has no qualms with poisoning children or killing innocents if it means getting what he wants.

and more!

The Good:

Supergirl S3 2

A scene from the fight between Reign and Supergirl from Episode 9, one of the few true highlights of the season.

In terms of overall arc, the idea behind  the Worldkillers wasn’t bad, and the first fight between Supergirl and Reign, where the former got her backside handed to her, was good. The internal struggle between Sam and her evil Kryptonian persona was also a good twist, and was well spaced out (everyone finding out, then eventually Sam’s daughter Ruby finding out, and then the big end… then another end…) The other two Worldkillers didn’t last more than a few episodes and were just there to stretch the plot, but they were alright.

When it comes to the cast, they’re a mixed bag due to the focus on melodrama and angst. Winn is about the only person who doesn’t go around moping for any length of time, and in fact his one episode where he gets a bit dramatic was one of the better ones of the season, dealing with his criminal father Toyman and reconnecting with his mother. I enjoyed the Legion of Superheroes at least. A more serious Mon-El was, for the most part, good to watch, and Brainiac-5 was a good laugh. Sadly Saturn Girl is plain as hell and soon gets written out, reappears in the finale, then vanishes again, not even seen in the final montage which includes scenes on the Legion’s ship, so… Hmm.

I enjoyed a lot of the scenes on the Kryptonian city of Argo, including Supergirl being with her mother again. Oh and James Olson got to do some things! He broke out the old Guardian gear and even got to save someone and then debate the idea of wearing a mask. It wasn’t much, and his big unveiling was done off-screen for some reason, but still!

Along with the fight between Supergirl and Reign from the pre-Christmas cliffhanger, there were a few good fights here and there. Supergirl, J’onn and some friendly White Martians vs. unfriendly White Martians, Supergirl and Mon-El vs. Lena Luthor’s mother in a Lex Luthor-style mech suit, Everyone vs. the three Worldkillers, and an episode set on board a space station where Livewire was seemingly killed by Reign were all good to watch.

The Bad:

Supergirl S3 3

“That’s right my son, I’m back! … and I now have dementia… and now I have to sacrifice myself. Bye!”

Man, this season was really bogged down by the angsty drama. Supergirl starts the series off all depressed over losing Mon-El and having to be a hero all the time, Alex breaks up with Maggie and becomes all depressed (yes, both Danvers sisters are depressed at the same time…), Mon-El comes back and eventually gets caught between his current wife Saturn Girl and his feelings for Supergirl (though to his credit, he doesn’t mope around at least), and The Martian Manhunter reunites with his thought-to-be-dead father, only for said father to have the Martian equivalent of Dementia. There is also a lot of crying from Lena Luthor, Alex and Sam surrounding her Reign problem, so Lena didn’t escape the crying and moping. I don’t mind a bit of drama in my superhero show, hell all heroes go through periods of self doubt and stuff only to get their groove back in triumphant fashion, but all of this in one season, and a lot of it happening simultaneously just made for a really… crap watch.

I’m not going to go into great detail about what was wrong with the finale, I already wrote three paragraphs on it in the Episodes 19 – 23 breakdown review, but trust me: it’s a bad end for the season alright…

Morgan Edge was so straight-forwardly bad that he felt like he came out of an early 90s cartoon, not to mention it was just Adrian Pasdar Pasdaring it up again. Episode 6 was probably the second worst episode, after the finale. It focused on a young Kara and Alex, and it was all American high school drama bollocks.

There are also a few really unsubtle attempts at being current, like Olson being afraid to unmask because he’s black and you know cops and black people etc., and there is a whole episode on gun control which was written like a 10 year old wrote a story about why guns are bad, including an ending where a government organisation that protects Earth from hostile extraterrestrials decides to only use non-lethal weaponry… Racisim and US gun control are both valid issues worth writing about, but when you’re that heavy handed and blatant about it, it just feels… fake. Like you lose all sense of immersion and become too aware your watching something written by someone else.

The cliffhanger is a duplicate of Kara arriving in Russia, presumably to turn evil like either Bizarro or the old Superman: Red Son storyline from the comics. Could be interesting, but didn’t we just get an evil Kara?… Yes we did, earlier THIS SEASON (in the big crossover event, reviewed separately). Bit too soon to pull the same story card, isn’t it?

Overall Thoughts:

Supergirl S3 4

The Legion of Superheroes… all wearing dark attire. This isn’t the DCCU though, it’s the Arrowverse, damn it! (Admittedly Mon-El gets his red and blue suit a few episodes in)

Supergirl Season 3 was a poor effort. It’s been a while since I saw them, but it might have been worse than Arrow’s third and fourth seasons… It was just full of depressed heroes, drama and angst, and had so little actual superheroics and fun. If I want to watch a soap I’d watch a soap, if I put on Supergirl why can’t I get a show about a female hero full of hope fighting bad guys? Hopefully they can pull it back together for the next season, though it’s already not looking good based of this season’s cliffhanger…

2 Star Watch

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