No Time To Die Review

At long… LONG last I’ve watched and now reviewed No Time To Die, finally able to say I have all official EON Bond films reviewed on this site. So after all the build up and delays, what was the film like? Well, it wasn’t much of a Bond film but did have some great set pieces and an ending that will be remembered for a long time, whether that be good or bad is up to you (also whether you like Metal Gear Solid enough to find a very specific re-used plot device distracting…) Let’s finally take a look!

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Spectre Review

So, after four years, we reach the end of the Bond review marathon, just in time for the latest release to FINALLY hit cinemas. Spectre is an odd film, it doesn’t so much as have a central plot as has a string of mini-stories leading to a reveal that tries half-heartedly to tie all the Craig era films together. It has its moments, but they don’t stick in the head for very long… let’s take a deeper look anyway!

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Skyfall Review

I’m always unsure about Skyfall. I definitely like it but feel some people claiming it’s the best one always makes me scratch my head. It has some genuinely great moments and set pieces, don’t get me wrong, but every time I watch it I feel like it’s gone on too long by the time the film reaches its climax. Want to know more about my opinion on the film? Well, you’re in the right place then!

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Quantum of Solace Review

There are few sequels that disappoint quite as much as this. There are sequels that are far worse, obviously, but something about Quantum has meant each re-watch has convinced me I had it wrong and its actually good, then about half way through I start to think again, then by the end I’m like “Oh right, yeah…” It’s not flat out bad like Die Another Day or Octopussy, but it’s written to string you along only to let you down in the end… Let’s take a deeper look, anyway!

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Casino Royale (2006) Review

What’s this? Could it actually be?! I am finally ending my run of Bond reviews because the next one is actually, for real, coming out in a month or so?! Why yes, that’s exactly what’s happening… after all these YEARS.

Casino Royale saw the debut of both Daniel Craig and his more “gritty” direction for the franchise, and while his run has seen its ups and downs I can honestly say that Casino Royale is among my favourites of the whole franchise, with its opening 10 minutes being one my favourite openings ever. … Let’s take a look!

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GoldenEye 007 (N64) Review

Little known fact (because how the hell would anyone else know?) I was going to review this all-time great alongside my review of the film, but decided to hold off on it because it’s arguably my favourite game of all time (I say arguably because I’d have to sit down and really think for a very long time to come up with any actual all-time best list…) and I wanted to give it more attention. Well, when better than a series of reviews celebrating 1,000 reviews? This was always hanging over my head as something I “had” to review at some point, so may as well make it now! Let’s have a look at this classic and see if it still holds up!

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Die Another Day Review

Die Another Day

Ah yes, Die Another Day. Pierce Brosnan’s swan song and a really good film… for about half of its runtime. Then it suddenly nosedives and becomes nearly unbearable. I think it’s still the most clear-cut “half good, half bad” film I’ve ever seen, making it like two different writers / directors took turns without consulting each other over tone. Well, does the good outweigh the bad? Let’s act like Sigmund Freud and “An-an-an-analyse this!”.

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The World is Not Enough Review

The World is Not Enough

The World is Not Enough might be the ultimate mixed bag as there are some bits I really genuinely like, but there are also some real poor parts as well. Every time I think I’m going to give this a 4, I remember something bad and it drops down again. Then I focus on the bad and think of dropping it to a 2, before I remember some of the good! Well, now I’ve spoiled the score in the opening paragraph, let’s take a deeper look anyway!

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Tomorrow Never Dies Review

Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies is oddly a movie that may have become more relevant as it aged, featuring a villain that’s the head of a media empire manipulating politics by using misinformation and grabby headlines, plus a heavy focus on China as a force of good to get that sweet Chinese cinema money. Sounds far more 2017 than 1997! Key point though: is it any good? Let’s find out!

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GoldenEye Review


Ah yes, Goldeneye, the film that’s really hard to review without making constant references to a teenhood-defining N64 game. I’ll try my best! Anyway, it’s also the debut on Pierce Bronsnan as Bond and has a great villain in Sean Bean’s Alec Trevelyan, among other fun cast members. Let’s take a look, and see how, much like his successor, Bronsnan’s best film was his first…

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