Arrow – Season 8 Overall Review

Arrow Season 8

So after eight-ish years, Arrow has come to an end, and while the many shows that span off from it are pressing forward, it’s a shame to see it go… is how I felt at the end of last season, which felt like the actual final season. Season 8? It was mostly build up for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, a backdoor pilot, and then an actual final episode that wasn’t any better than the finale of Season 7, with the exception of having more cameos. Still! Let’s have a final look at an Arrow season (unless I go back and re-watch earlier seasons a fair few years down the line…)

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Arrow – Season 7 Episodes 10 – 22 Review

Arrow S7 P2

Arrow’s seventh season comes a wobbly end, but ultimately a good end. In fact the finale feels very much like an overall series finale, which given Season 8 is not only the last season, but only 10 episodes, it probably for all intents and purposes is the big ending. So let’s have a look at the build up to this grand finale, and see how much of it actually worked…

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Arrow – Season 7 Episodes 1 – 8 Review

Arrow S7 P1

Arrow’s seventh season starts off in familiar fashion to previous Arrowverse storylines, though unlike when Flash put their lead behind bars at the start of the year, this time it actually felt like it matters (and it was for more than two episodes…) It created a more unique atmosphere, when combined with an interesting flashforward rather than the usual flashback, it makes this season at least get off to a more interesting start than a lot of previous efforts…

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Arrow – Season 6 Episodes 10 – 18 Review

Arrow S6 P2

Arrow Season 6 starts to fall into old patterns again, as Oliver’s life is once again turned upside down and he slowly “realises” he can only do this by himself rather than rely on allies… *sigh*… Still, there were some highlights, this isn’t Season 3 / 4 territory or anything, but I wish the writers would come up with something else to do to their lead other than constantly re-realising the positive effect of friendship…

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Arrow – Season 6 Episodes 1 – 9 Review

Arrow S6 P1

Arrow Season 6 picks up … a few months after the big cliffhanger ending, and wastes no time confirming that very little happened. Still, it does at least settle back into the Season 5 groove of group of group of vigilantes vs. large groups of thugs, which worked in refreshing the show last year, and sets up the rest of the season really well, so I can forgive the non-follow up… A bit. Let’s take a look!

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