Hitman (2007) Review

Hitman 2007

So a game about a deadly hitman working for a shadowy company should be pretty easy to adapt, right? No need for fantasy elements or big sci-fi set pieces, just a simple thriller, right? Well, that’s right! … Sadly, the emphasis was very much on the simple, and less on the thriller. Yes, for a film titled “Hitman” it very quickly became “generic action movie anti-hero loudly gunning people down in broad daylight”. Still, is it worth a look?

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Hitman (PS4) Review

Hitman 2016

I remember playing about with some of the earlier Hitman games, specifically a demo that either came with another game or came on the front of a magazine. They were fun, but I couldn’t be bothered to get into them. Earlier this year (or late last year…) the 2016 soft reboot of the Hitman franchise became free for PS+ users such as myself, and as I knew the first Hitman film was coming up in this marathon I played through this game a short while ago so I can actually have a game to compare, even if the game itself was released long after the film in question. So is it good? Does the episodic open world idea work when you play the whole game as one entity? Let’s find out!

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