Super Mario Kart (SNES) Review

When I saw six new DLC packs for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe I was really excited to play the new (to me, having never touched Mario Kart Tour) tracks and returning retro tracks so I thought about covering the old games those tracks come from, then realised that I’ve played (to death) six Mario Kart games not including 8 so my mind immediately made a marathon out of it, naturally! Each day a new “Mario Kart 8 Booster Pack” comes out I’ll throw up a review of a Mario Kart game, in order of release. Then I guess I’ll put up a review of 8 for completionists sake… Anyway! Super Mario Kart is one of those rare games that you can point at and say “This game innovated an entire genre” and to top it off it was great to play despite being the first of its kind. What it’s like to play now? Well…

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Super Mario 64 (N64) Review

Super Mario 64

So here we are, after 28 days we arrived just one single day away from the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and what other way could we end on other than Mario? So the hard part was choosing which Mario game to go with, the original Super Mario Bros. due to it’s all-time classic status? Mario Galaxy for arguably being my favourite? Mario Odyssey for the being the one I played most recently? In the end, I went for none of the above, and jumped into Mario 64, as much like the first game, it was a truly revolutionary experience, and just as worthy of a choice as the others, especially in giving me something to write about in the “Thoughts Then” category… Let’s take a look then, and end this lengthy countdown…

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Super Mario Land 2 (GB) Review

Super Mario Land 2

Yeah, I know the Wario in Smash is very much based on the WarioWare series of games, complete with levels and music and logo, but… I just haven’t played them. Well, I played one with a friend once, but I barely remember it. I think it was fun though! So rather than ignore Wario entirely I thought I’d cover his debut game instead, Super Mario Land 2 on the good old Gameboy. I mean, his original costume from this era is selectable in the Smash series after all, so it’s not a complete cop-out! Let’s take a look…

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