Extreme Warfare Revenge (PC) Review

I went back and forth on whether to review this or not. On the one hand if I’m recounting and reviewing every wrestling game I’ve ever played missing out the one I probably played the most would seem like a massive disservice, but on the other hand it’s a text-based simulator, a free one at that so it’s not going to be much to look at for a review! Still, I had to include EWR so I will, as for its sequel game series Total Extreme Wrestling, I’ll have a quick general look at them together down the line rather than throw out five or six very similar reviews with not-very-interesting pictures in them… With that being said, let’s review EWR, complete with some not-very-interesting pictures!

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Streets of Rage Remake (PC) Review

Streets of Rage Remake

So the late 90s and 2000s were devoid of new Streets of Rage. The franchise was officially dead in Sega’s eyes, not even being included in Sega All-Stars Racing… Luckily for us a bunch of fans got together in 2011 and released an extremely polished and professionally made sequel / remake titled “Streets of Rage: Remake”. Featuring all levels and enemies from all three games, plus a bunch of new stuff, it was a dream to play through, even after Sega’s legal team shut it down (*grumble, grumble*) The question is, now we have an official sequel, what’s this like to return to? Let’s find out!

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My Top 30 Games of the Decade (2010 – 2019)

Decade Top 30 Games 2010s

So this is a big one… I mean literally, making the 30 thumbnails was a pain in the arse, but I just couldn’t nail it down to just 20, and when I did 25 I thought of five more I could easily talk about and went “screw it!”. Hell, I could have easily gone to 50. So with that all being said (and the usual “these are only game I’ve played so I’m sure there are many great games left off this list” message) let’s go!

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