Detective Pikachu Review

As mentioned in my review of Pokémon Blue, I haven’t played a lot of Pokémon games, but being a big Nintendo fan (and especially a Smash fan!) I have more than enough familiarity with the series to review this film as a game-less “Bonus” review in the marathon. So what’s Detective Pikachu like? Is it really the first game adaptation that’s actually really good? Could I finally go above a 3/5 in this long marathon?! Let’s find out!

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Pokémon Blue (Gameboy) Review

Pokemon Blue

I haven’t been the biggest Pokémon fan, having only played the first and third gen games, but I did enjoy both experiences immensely. I guess it comes down to not really being a fan of handheld gaming holding me back from buying all entries (hell, I don’t even own a 3DS!) So, anyway, thankfully I can talk about a Pokémon game in this marathon given the sheer amount of playable characters the franchise has in Smash Ultimate…

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