Final Fight 2 (SNES) Review

Final Fight 2

I remember back in 2004 me and my friend were reading a list of naughty-naughty ROMs and saw Final Fight 2 and Final Fight 3 listed for the SNES. We were confused, how could there have been two sequels to Final Fight and we’d never heard of them? Well, it turns out, it’s probably because they’re not very good (or at least this one isn’t), and beyond Maki appearing the Capcom vs. SNK 2, this game is never referenced again. Want more details? Read on!


Final Fight 2 3

Haggar hits so hard he causes an explosion behind him and pixelates the front!

Final Fight 2 was released exclusively on the SNES in Japan, America and Europe in May, August and December 1993 respectively. Unlike the first game it wasn’t based on an Arcade game, instead built from the ground up on the console itself. Also unlike the first game (well, the SNES version of the first game) it actually has 2-player simultaneous co-op, which is good.

It has been put up on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console services in the past, but otherwise it hasn’t ever seen a re-release…


Final Fight 2 4

Fighting on top of a train, not a cliché, but it has been used a few times!

The controls are the same as the first: one button to do strikes, one to jump, if you walk into an enemy you grapple them, where you can to grappled strikes or a throw (or if you’re Haggar, a spinning piledriver). You can also do a jumping attack, and pressing attack and jump at the same time causes you to do a “Special Attack” which does good damage and helps clear enemies either side of you, but it takes away health. You can pick up weapons (either a knife, a plank of wood or a baton), health from food or just more points, with enough points comes an extra life. So, yeah. Nothing new to the formula, but it’s a formula that works really well, so why change it?

You scroll to the right beating people up (*GASP!*) until you face the end of level boss. That’s about it. There are two bonus levels as well, destroying a car and hitting barrels, but otherwise it’s your bog standard experience. I will say that while the hitting feels responsive, there is something dull about the game. It might be the colour pallet or the generic thugs being even more unmemorable than usual… I don’t know, but it’s not very fun.

It’s scores well on the Cliché-o-meter, it has a lift stage, ninjas, pro-wrestling enemies and questionably dressed ladies (in the Japanese version, US and PAL versions have them replaced by guys again…) but instead of fire-breathing fat guys it has electric shocking fat guys, and has no conveyor stage.

Graphics and Sound:

Final Fight 2 1

Haggar about to piledrive someone on Andore’s head, before getting electrocuted. A.K.A. a regular Thursday.

Graphics are technically fine, but as I mentioned above, there is something really plain about them, something boring and generic, especially after coming from the Arcade version of the original. Muddy colour pallet doesn’t help matters…

Sound is pretty poor, if I’m honest. The smacking enemy sounds are still nice and satisfying, but the background music is boring as hell and doesn’t even change when the end-of-level boss appears, which makes fighting them seem a hell of a lot less special and intimidating.


Final Fight 2 2

Haggar drop-kicks his way to the “Aero Port”.

Mike Haggar receives a message from Maki Genryusai, Guy’s fiancée’s sister, who tells him that Guy’s fiancée and her father (Guy’s teacher and mentor) have been kidnapped by the revived Mad Gear Gang. With Guy and Cody away, Mike calls up his part-Japanese ninja friend Carlos Miyamoto and together with Maki the three travel from China to France, Holland, England, Italy and then Japan, taking out each part of the Gang until they find their captured allies in the hands of new boss Retu (yes Retu, not Retsu)

They defeat him, toss him from a high place as per usual, and head home. Guy sends a letter of thanks in a post-credits scene. That’s that! It’s very odd as you’d think it would feature Guy more heavily, but there you go. I guess they wanted generic sword-wielding ninja Carlos instead…

Thoughts Then:

As I mentioned, sadly the “Then” is the mid-2000s rather than when it was originally released. Me and Tom played through FF2 and it was… fine. Nothing to write home about, never played it a second time, and if memory serves, found Final Fight 3 much better. It got lost among the many scrolling beat ‘em ups were worked through during that period, that’s for sure.

3 Star Game Old

Thoughts Now:

Final Fight 2 5

I swear I had six screenshots saved… Oh well, he’s an extra chaotic lift stage screen to make up for it!

Fifteen years later, can’t say we were wrong, though I haven’t replayed FF3 yet. If anything my rating has gone down a bit, it’s so muddy and boring, the music is just dull as hell as well, and none of the generic thugs or end bosses have any kind of personality. It’s serviceable gameplay-wise, which is obviously the most important bit, but not a great example of the genre…

2 Star Game New

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