Warriors of Fate (Arcade) Review

After a three week stay with CAPCOM-like-but-not-quite Rushing Beat games it’s time to return to a good old fashioned CAPCOM scrolling beat ‘em up, one featured on the Beat ‘em Up Bundle no less (which means these screens were taken many months ago at this point!) Warriors of Fate is a unique one in that it’s not only based on a manga that was based on the book that was based on Three Kingdoms era of China, but also the English language version changes all the names and locations, rendering that interesting titbit pointless. Oh well! It’s also a beat ‘em up me and my friend first played via the recently released collection, so no “Thoughts Then” paragraph here! Let’s take a look! Exclamation marks!!

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The King of Dragons (Arcade) Review

After five weeks of raging on the streets we’re back to CAPCOM and back to medieval fantasy, so couldn’t be any more different if it tried! The King of Dragons is an odd one because it mixes an RPG levelling up system to the mix as well as classes having different strengths and weaknesses, so we’re going full on Dungeons and Dragons. Let’s take a look if this mix works, and whether it’s better than the extremely similar game “Knights of the Round” CAPCOM themselves released a few months later… (coming next week!)

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The Simpsons – The Arcade Game Review

The Simpsons Arcade

Despite me and my brother playing games at home together all the time way back when, I think The Simpsons is the only one I remember us playing together at the Arcades, somewhere in Skegness or some other near-local English beach. It’s also one of the few times I remember a tie-in game being not only good, but great! Factor in the weird fact that this game has never really been ported to home consoles (at least, not for long…) and The Simpsons Arcade Game is a bit of an oddity, but a damn good one. Let’s take a look!

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Captain Commando (Arcade) Review

Captain Commando

Captain Commando, to me, will always be a fun character to play as in Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2. I didn’t know of his game back then, I just knew he was from an old CAPCOM game and enjoyed playing as him. When I eventually got the CAPCOM Legacy Collections on the PS2 I was happy to find that the game itself is really fun too, pretty much just Final Fight with weird sci-fi characters and themes… Which to be fair, reviewing the game now 15 or so years later, that’s still a pretty apt description! Let’s take a closer look…

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Super Street Fighter II / Turbo (Mega Drive / Arcade) Review

Super Street Fighter II

So back in the “Countdown to Smash Ultimate” I covered the first three versions of Street Fighter II, and with the first SF film I looked at the first SF game, so to take the sting off of “Legend of the Chun-Li” I thought I’d look at the only version of SFII I actually owned back in the day: Super Street Fighter II on the Mega Drive, and then I thought “why not?” and threw in the Arcade Super Turbo in as well, as I technically own it on the Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 for the PS2 (though I played a MAME emulation for this as I hear the PS2 port is glitchy). So let’s take a look at the final vers- Oh, right. Well, let’s take a look at the final versions of SFII that were released in the 90s…

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Final Fight (Arcade) Review

Final Fight

Now if we’re talking about the games I played and actually owned growing up, then Final Fight is first, release date chronologically (though I actually first played it on the Mega CD, meaning after I played the Streets of Rage games…) and it’s a great example of the genre. It may have been inspired by Double Dragon’s success, but it itself inspired many games after it, mostly from Capcom themselves. So let’s take a look at Final Fight, the first of a trilogy, making the title technically incorrect…

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Street Fighter (Arcade) Review

Street Fighter

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Street Fighter the movie was clearly based on Street Fighter II!”, well I’ll say… it’s barely that, but yes reviewing SFII here would make more sense, but I already reviewed it! So why not review the game simply called “Street Fighter” alongside the film of the same name? Oh wait, I see why now… the first Street Fighter is crap. Oh well, so was the movie! Hooray!?

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