ToeJam and Earl (Mega Drive) Review

What’s this? An older game review that ISN’T a scrolling beat ‘em up?! I know! Feels like forever, though funnily enough me and my friend played this childhood classic at the same time we played the older Streets of Rage games (they were all on the same digital collection, so why not?) so this review and its screenshots have been sitting on my PC’s hard drive for the better part of a year… Oh well! Let’s take a look at the other MegaDrive game that along with Sonic 2 and Streets of Rage II always comes to my mind when someone mentions the console…

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The Punisher (Mega Drive) Review

Uh-oh, here we go again! I’m afraid in order to have an actual “Then and Now” thoughts section I have to review a far inferior home version of a great Arcade game once more, in this case the 1993 Punisher game’s Mega Drive port. Maybe when “Scrolling Sundays” comes to its planned end I’ll do some bonus weeks of reviewing the actual good original versions of some of these games… With all that being said, let’s take a look!

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Sonic The Hedgehog (Mega Drive) Review

As I’ve said before, while I played a lot of NES and SNES growing up thanks to my brother owning the consoles, I had a Master System and a Mega Drive (because… brotherly rivalry, I guess?) That means while I’m happy to admit Super Mario World is the better game in retrospect, I played a hell of a lot more Sonic The Hedgehog growing up, and damn great games they were too! (Pretty good film as well, for the record!) So let’s end this Game to Live Action Movie Marathon’s game section with one of the defining games of my childhood, the original Sonic The Hedgehog on the Mega Drive (after having already reviewed the Master System version, the first one I played, a few years ago…)

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Two Crude Dudes (Mega Drive) Review

It feels really odd reviewing this game so deep into this marathon because it feels very old fashioned compared to most of the games I’ve previously looked at. Much like fellow “dude titled” Data East game Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja, this game is entirely side-on with no moving up or down the screen and a lot of enemies die in a single hit. Does the ability to pick up a car and throw it overcome this though?! Let’s find out!

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Streets of Rage 3 (Mega Drive) Review

Streets of Rage 3

About 7-10 years ago this was the final entry in the franchise, then Streets of Rage Remake was released by fans, but 3 was still the last official entry, so it’s odd to talk about this game in the middle of looking at the franchise rather than the end! SOR3 never got anywhere near as much play from me as II did, which was odd at the time because I couldn’t place why… It wasn’t until the advent of the internet and ROMs that I found out the US/PAL version of 3 was many times harder than even the Japanese version’s hard mode, which probably explains it! So me and my friend played through the JPN version here, and have done since the ROM days, a version which includes a controversial sub boss to boot! So let’s take a look at the old “end of the trilogy”, shall we?

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Streets of Rage II (Mega Drive) Review

Streets of Rage II

So, here we go. If I were to make a “Top X favourite games of all time” list, this would easily be in the top 5, if not near the very top (I have no idea what would be at the top, that would require a lot of thought…) The gameplay, the graphics, the music, the look… everything about this game was amazing to me back when it came out, and it’s still every bit as good in 2020. Want to hear me gushing about the game more? Read on!

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Prince of Persia (Mega Drive) Review

Prince of Persia

Yes, I know, I should’ve reviewed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time alongside the film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, but although the time mechanics looked fun, I never brought it or even played it. So rather than not review anything at all I thought I’d review the one Prince of Persia game I played, that being the original! Well, the Mega Drive port of the original, anyway. I rented out a couple of times, not because I was good at it, but because the fluid movement and realistic swordplay was cool as hell. Let’s take a look!

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Streets of Rage (Mega Drive) Review

Streets of Rage

Now, as you may have guessed by the design of the banner for this weekly feature, I LOVE the Streets of Rage series, with II being one of my all-time favourite games, and frankly I’m pretty sure the hype for SoR4’s then-upcoming release is what sparked this idea. So for the next five Sundays let’s take a look at all four official games (and one unofficial game) in the series. The original Streets of Rage is the one that looks the most dated, the sprites being far thinner and less detailed than the ones seen later, but is it still fun to play? Let’s find out!

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Alien Storm (Mega Drive) Review

Alien Storm

Alien Storm is a game I had on the Master System, which wasn’t as different as you’re probably imagining, but still, for this review me and my friend played through the Mega Drive version as … well, it’s actually two-player, for a start off. Plus being able to take screenshots easier helps too! The game is pretty much Golden Axe with a sci-fi setting rather than fantasy, but with one key difference: first-person reticle shooter segments! Let’s take a look.

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Super Street Fighter II / Turbo (Mega Drive / Arcade) Review

Super Street Fighter II

So back in the “Countdown to Smash Ultimate” I covered the first three versions of Street Fighter II, and with the first SF film I looked at the first SF game, so to take the sting off of “Legend of the Chun-Li” I thought I’d look at the only version of SFII I actually owned back in the day: Super Street Fighter II on the Mega Drive, and then I thought “why not?” and threw in the Arcade Super Turbo in as well, as I technically own it on the Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 for the PS2 (though I played a MAME emulation for this as I hear the PS2 port is glitchy). So let’s take a look at the final vers- Oh, right. Well, let’s take a look at the final versions of SFII that were released in the 90s…

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