Doctor Who: The One Review

DW The One

Continuing on catching up with the Doctor Who Year 2 Titan comics, the next volume of Eleventh Doctor somehow manages to be even more full of continuity references and characters than the previous comic collection… The Master, River Song, the Time War… Shada even plays a major role! Let’s see if they can pull all this together and still tell a good story, shall we?

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Doctor Who: The Then and The Now Review


Continuing with my catch up with Year 2 of Titan’s Doctor Who comic paperbacks, I jump onto the Eleventh Doctor’s run with “The Then and The Now”, which starts a rather continuity-heavy look back at The Doctor’s time in the Time War, including the first (I think?) appearance of the War Doctor in comic form! … and Abslom Daak?! Let’s take a look!

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