DW: Colditz Review

DW Colditz.jpg

Elizabeth Klein is one of the odder “companions” of The Doctor. She starts off as an alternate reality Nazi, ends up in our reality, and then… well, lot’s of other stuff, but concentrating on her debut story you’d probably think I made some sort of mistake. Klein’s next three stories form one of the best “trilogies” in the main range, but since this all about debut stories, we have Colditz, one of the earlier stories from Big Finish, but a great little look into all sides of World War II through the eyes of soldiers and inmates of the infamous castle, plus David Tennant’s first Doctor Who role thrown in! Let’s take a look…

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DW: Crime of the Century Review

DW Crime of the Century

Raine Creevy was supposed to be the companion that replaced Ace in the now mythical “Season 27”, and although that never came to be, here she is! Crime of the Century was the second story in the Seventh Doctor Lost Stories, and although the original pitch has been changed to include Ace, it’s safe to say if this aired on TV in 1990… Yeah, the series wouldn’t be as well received as most of Season 26 is, let’s put it that way…

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DW: Criss-Cross Review

DW Criss-Cross

Criss-Cross introduces us to the Sixth Doctor’s latest companion Constance Clark (though this was technically the second release featuring her…), a pretty tough, by-the-book WREN from WW2. The actual story has a pretty standard “foe”, but is also rich in Second World War spies and espionage plots, including the Doctor himself working and staying in Bletchley Park for some time. Let’s take a closer look…

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DW: The Crimes of Thomas Brewster Review

DW Crimes of Thomas Brewster

That’s right, just three stories later (in the audio / comic companions debut story marathon) and we’re back with a story ending in “of Thomas Brewster”. This is also the first of three stories in this list that the companion debuting doesn’t actually become a travelling companion until later, as yes, this is the debut of the frequently annoying Flip… It’s actually funny listening to it, how clear that the story wasn’t written with the character becoming a permanent fixture in mind. With all that being said, let’s take a look at “The Crimes of Thomas Brewster”…

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DW: The Marian Conspiracy Review

DW Marian Conspiracy

The audio and comic companion debut marathon reaches one of my favourite companions and an era of Who I’m looking forward to revisiting: Evelyn Smythe. The kindly older lady is the antithesis of what you expect from a companion, but she works so well alongside the Sixth Doctor, and her being responsible for his eventual softening is really well done. So let’s look at how it all began with The Marian Conspiracy…

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DW: The Shape Shifter & Voyager Review

DW The Shape Shifter and Voyager

In terms of companions created for the comics, you don’t get more well known or infamous than Frobisher. The shape shifting “Whifferdill” who ends up enjoying the form of a penguin is certainly amongst the most unique companions! It’s almost a shame that I like to do these comics in batches of two (when they’re not too long, anyway), because as note-worthy as Frobisher’s debut story is, Voyager is a comic masterpiece, full of amazing imagery, beautifully written prose and some great scenes and characters. I may be covering this double bill as part of the Audio/Comic Companions Debut marathon, but Voyager deserves the most attention! Let’s have a looksie, then!

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DW: The Eye of the Scorpion Review

DW Eye of the Scorpion

Eye of the Scorpion introduces us to Erimem, the should-be Pharaoh who ends up travelling with The Doctor and Peri (yes, the Fifth Doctor and Peri, which is a rare combo nowadays!) It’s also very nearly a pure historical, though the run of Doctor/Peri/Erimem has several actual pure historicals, so if anything it having a sci-fi element in its plot is more note worthy… Anyway, let’s have a look at Eye of the Scorpion then, shall we?

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DW: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster Review

DW Haunting of Thomas Brewster

Thomas Brewster is an odd companion, in that his two stints in the TARDIS are less Doctor-Companion and more “person forcing himself on The Doctor for a while”. It’s an interesting concept, but Brewster can be on the obnoxious side… As for his debut story? It’s good, full of atmosphere and some fun characters, though the music lets in down, especially when it’s played by itself for 20 seconds… Anyway, let’s take a look!

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DW: Timeslip & The Star Beast Review

DW Timeslip and Star Beast

The Audio/Comic companion debut marathon arrives at the only new companion for the Fourth Doctor (currently, a new one is set to debut for Big Finish next year!) in the form of Sharon, who also has the distinction of being the first black companion full stop. Plus as a bonus, we have Timeslip, which… well, is a short story that doesn’t do much, but I try to double up the comic strips to avoid over-cluttering the Doctor pages! Let’s have a look at these slices of 70s comic Who!

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DW: The Perpetual Bond Review

DW The Perpetual Bond

Kicking off the “Audio and comic companion debut marathon” is the only black and white era new companion to be introduced (unless you include the very old comics from TV Action, but I don’t have access to that stuff, so… sorry!), that being Oliver Harper. Creating a new companion for the First Doctor was met with wide raising of eyebrows, but it’s pulled off well in this trilogy (the other two parts of which I’ll get to down the line…) So let’s have a look at The Perpetual Bond, not only the first in this marathon, but the first Companion Chronicle I’ve reviewed!

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